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temperature probes

Which Temp Probe is used in your EP Lab?

The most commonly used esophageal temperature probe is an 18 Fr Acoustascope model.  The air in the Acoustascope balloon and thick plastic shaft insulate the thermistor and make the response to temperature changes more than 3 times slower than 9-12 Fr smooth shaft models (1), these more effective models cost less than $5. 


The 18 Fr Acoustascope balloon also expands to 27 Fr at body temperature, potentially pressing the esophagus against the Left Atrium. Check and see if the same manufacturer of your current 18 Fr temperature probes makes a smaller diameter smooth shaft model.   


For faster detection of esophageal temperature changes and no esophageal dilation, a non-insulated small diameter temp probe is a better option.*  Download this sheet for more information including the make and model of preferred devices.

Temp Probe Handout - Which Temperature Probe is used in your EP Lab?
Page 2 Temperature Probe.PNG

Share this sheet with your EP Lab Manager to make a change. 

*We have no financial relationship with these manufacturers and just want to inform you about the incompatibility of these temperature probes in the EP Lab.  We can provide free temperature probes for you to trial.  


(1) Differences in Transient Thermal Response of Commercial Esophageal Temperature Probes.  JACC Clinical Electrophysiology. Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2019

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