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Simple. Elegant. Inexpensive.

EsoSure Esophageal Retractor

  • Temperature programmed Nitinol Stylet placed into the lumen of an 18 Fr Salem Sump OG Tube

  • Flexible at room temperature for easy insertion

  • Forms curve at body temperature to pull the esophagus laterally

  • Insertion and/or change in deflection in less than 30 sec.

  • Helps place Temp Probe near the medial side of the esophagus

  • Rarely moves the heart

  • Priced affordably 

EsoSure Curve, shaft and Handle- Move the Esophagus
Leftward deflection of the right-sided esophagus
EsoSure leftward deflection of the right-sided esophagus

The right-sided esophagus is deflected leftward by the EsoSure in a shape similar to physiologic migration.  

Changing EsoSure deflection from left to right

Changing EsoSure deflection from left to right

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Expert Perspective with Felix Yang, MD, FHRS, CCDS: EsoSure Esophageal Deviator

Expert Perspective with Felix Yang, MD, FHRS, CCDS: EsoSure Esophageal Deviator

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"Moving Eso to the right with EsoSure"
Dr. Eduardo Saad MD, PhD, FHRS, FESC.
Director - Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing Hospital Pro-Cardiaco -
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
"Hope #Epeeps will find value in my tips and tricks using the @EPreward EsoSure. It has been an invaluable tool for me to isolate the posterior wall."
Dr. Felix Yang, MD.
Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
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Dr. DJ Lakkireddy EsoSure Interview
Dr. Andrea Natale - EsoSure Interview

EsoSure's Story

     In 2005 the EsoSure Esophageal Retractor was invented by an EP nurse, Steve Miller, after a patient in his department was diagnosed and treated for an injured esophagus following his AFib Ablation. The patient spent 5 days in the ICU, was followed up aggressively, and was one of the lucky few who survived as the mortality rate for atrial esophageal fistulas is around 80%. 

     It took ten years of patent work, FDA hurdles, testing on cadavers, two animal studies (at a very famous research facility), researching, redesigning, looking for a manufacturing company to help take the final steps, self inserting 4 more OG tubes and self-testing 16 additional retractors before releasing the first device. The EsoSure has now been available for 8 years and used over 43,000 times to move the esophagus.    

If nurse Steve can do this, so can you.  Don’t allow limits to be placed on your potential.     

EsoSure demo on Steve Miller, RN
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