"Simple"   "Elegant"   "Inexpensive" 

The EsoSure Esophageal Retractor

"...EsoSure trick to move the esophagus. Loving it. I like to move it move it... I like to move it move it"

Dr. Felix Yang, MD.  

Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY



  • Temperature programmed Nitinol Stylet placed into the lumen of an 18 Fr Salem Sump OG tube

  • Soft for easy insertion and forms curve at body temperature for deflection

  • Mimics physiologic migration

  • Helps delineate esophageal diameter

  • Helps place Temp Probe on the medial side of the esophagus

  • Priced affordably

  • Does not move the heart

  • Insertion and change in direction < 30 seconds

  • Free trial devices - click here

  • Distributed by EPreward, manufactured by NEScientific.                                                         


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Which Temperature Probe is used in your lab?

The most commonly used esophageal temperature probe is an 18 Fr Acoustascope model that insulates the thermistor, slowing thermal response by a factor of 3 and dilates the esophagus with a 27 Fr balloon. 


See the handout for faster responding and smaller diameter alternatives that cost less than $10.  (We do not sell these.) 

Temp Probe Image.PNG

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