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EsoSure Training Video with the Inventor of and Clinical Specialist for the EsoSure, Steve Miller, RN.


This 13-minute video is a great training tool and an overview of how to properly use the device. 

Esophageal Deflection with the EsoSure 

Deflection of the esophagus was identified though the use of Intracardiac Ultrasound. The pink area was the baseline esophageal position. The brown area notes the trailing edge of the esophagus during leftward deflection. The gray area notes the trailing edge during rightward deflection. The corresponding Fluoro images are to the right.

Courtesy of Dr. Vijay Swarup, MD, FHRS and Jacob Hantla, CRNA, FHRS.  Arizona Heart Hospital. Phoenix, AZ.  December, 2016.  Images at 2017 AF Symposium.




Use a better
temperature probe
Temp Probe Image.PNG

EsoSure esophageal deflection, an intra-operative video of deviation. 

Courtesy of Dr. N. Veeramachineni, Dr. G. Muehlbach,

Dr. D. Lakkireddy. Uni. of Kansas Med. Ctr.

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